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All the amp blogger tamplate that I am giving you today, are well designed and updated. You will get awesome looking after you installed these tamplate in your website.

The idea behind building a website ranges from sharing your skills, information, and promoting products or services. Everyone has a different way of expressing their knowledge and also of promoting their products online through websites, but one thing is needed for a clean website. You need to have a beautiful template, which needs to be SEO friendly, mobile friendly, Adsense ready, and fast loading.

Let’s take a look at the top most popular free AMP blogger template that you can’t ignore. I’ve even shared the maximum popular, featured, and fun AMP blogger template to your business, e-commerce, business, blog, and associated marketing and marketing sites. Here you may discover the quickest and UltraSEO well matched AMP blogger template with wealthy snippets to become aware of all components of your internet site and also are indexed in SERPs.

What is AMP Tamplate?

Before shifting onto the listing of powerful AMP blogger template, first we need to discover extra on what this AMP means. People like to ask such a lot of questions about Google like; What is Google elevated cell pages? What is AMP format? What is the AMP web page in search engine marketing? What does Google AMP do? What is the AMP internet site? Do amps require https? How is AMP created? and so on. Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) withinside the month of October 2015. This is a framework permitting you to create fast-loading cell pages to your internet site. This is a in particular designed open-supply platform. And it permits the publishers to enhance the velocity. It additionally enables internet site proprietors to present the great viable person enjoy for his or her readers on Mobiles.

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AMP web page masses quicker on low net velocity as properly and subsequently readers do not need to look ahead to pages to get loaded. So, the bulk of publishers, webweb page proprietors, etc. are adopting this trendy and green technology. The maximum effective gain of AMP is that it does now no longer reduce the advert revenue. So basically, the AMP is a route to create fast-rendering pages for cell devices. There are three simple functionalities; AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP CDN on which AMP works. Also, search engine marketing Optimization is similarly crucial for growing the template which enables to boom the traffic.

Why need to use AMP Tamplate?

There are several advantages using the AMP Blogger template, such as:

  • They are SEO optimized Mobile friendly
  • Fully responsive
  • Improve blog speed
  • Increase search traffic
  • Ad ready
  • Improve user experience
  • Fast loading
  • High CTR
  • Rank your blog higher on mobile devices

Top fastest loading AMP blogger Tamplate

Now I will share most selleing and top rated AMP blogger tamplate in 2022 that will increase your site looking and decrease your website loading time.

#1 -Material UI blogger Tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

This is a fantastic template with a versatile design that loads in the browser much faster than you might think. Because, tamplate maker used a variety of high level optimization techniques. They also provide a screenshot where a user can use a popular post instead of the highlighted post.You can also use the jQuery feature, but it’s entirely up to you.

This design includes a variety of advanced level gadgets and a clean, colorful look. The layout of this template is enhanced with a title describing the widgets. This tablet layout panel is easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. This design is best suited for your blog on a news website, tech gadget, or any other field.

Bloggers will love how easy it is to customize the layout of UI material. It is simple to change the color. Logos and menu items can simply be swapped. The hardware user interface comes with a number of customization choices that don’t require any HTML tweaking. Therefore, the hardware user interface model is the most intuitive. You can try this amp tamplate for you blog.

#2 -SEO Engine amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

The SEO Engine amp blogger template is a fantastic and unique design with excellent fast loaded response time on all browsers and supports current and previous browser versions. This amp blogger template is a great tamplate for the magazine news genre. With the help of shortcode, there is a comment gadget accessible in a section to show recent comments just in the sidebar. Not only can you use a popular post instead of a featured post if you wish to use all of the documentation.This amp blogger templet comes with a mode dark, a clean ice mass result and wonderful shadow effects.

Bloggers will love how easy SEO engine layout customization is. It’s easy to change the color. Logos and menu items can be simply swapped. The SEO engine comes with a number of customization choices that don’t require any HTML tweaking. As a result, the SEO engine model is the most intuitive.

#3 -Appiki amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Getting started is half the battle. You can create a similar theme for blogs. If you’re lucky enough to come across a great blog template, you’re already half the battle. Finding an amp blogger tample isn’t always like this, however. simple. what it looks like. It’s similar to diamond mining. Keep looking until you find one that not only catches the eye, but is well optimized and ready to go. We would like to introduce you to APPIKI, a template for app download and app store. It’s one of the most attractive blogger app download templates that can be found on the internet.

Features: Appiki is one of the SEO optimized amp blogger templates.It’s fully optimized to give bloggers the functionality of an app store. Appiki is unique and based on modern web standards.

#4 Crafter amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Crafter is one of the most advanced amp blogger tamplate with the fastest load times. It is mobile friendly and responsive. Crafter works well on all devices. Since mobile indexing is a priority for search engines like Google, having a responsive website is essential. Crafter meets all of these criteria while delivering exceptional design and performance, making it the perfect choice for bloggers. You will get a hilarious look when you will install this theme in your website.

#5 Sprinkle amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Sprinkle is another world’s coolest and SEO ready amp blogger template for news and bloggers. make your blog professional, there are many advanced features easy to use from the blogger layout without the need to add any HTML edits. Author of this tamplate have added complete SEO and AdSense friendly framework, you can easily beat your Google search engine competition using blogger template. They’ve added stylish and creative colors and a minimal search bar with a drop-down menu transition effect. If you have any problems, please contact them, they are always here to help you. I personally liked it. It is very attractive tamplate that you can use to make your news blog attractive.

#6 AirFlex amp blogger template

best free amp blogger tamplate

Air Flex is the fastest amp blogger tamplate with straightforward and rich look, in blogger format author have carried out enhancement in CSS HTML and JavaScript where you can get wonderful stacking speed, we additionally give famous posts as included articles likewise in JavaScript according to your decision and prerequisite. They’ve refreshed the most recent blogger form alongside numerous elements like SEO amicable, responsive plan, Adsense support, and more sidebar and landing page blocks. They additionally give treat assent which helps specific information of your site information when you visit our gadgets, this will make a quick stacking site and recollect the past meeting. Transfer this wonderful blogger tamplate to your blog and effectively set it up with documentation.

#7 Art amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Art is one of the Best amp blogger tamplate with clean vector style Powerful and adaptable plan simple to redo and use on your blogger site. This blogger tamplate has an inquiry choice in the included articles region where the client can undoubtedly enter catchphrases and find valuable articles on your blog. The programmed working movement impact is that it works in old and new program support. This amp Blogger Template is completely SEO and Adsense friendly with high enhancement and a little layout record. The vitally landing page is a full view and the sidebar is situated at the post level. Likewise, if you wanted more assistance and customization, if it’s not too much trouble, get in touch with them,They are consistently here to help.

#8 Galaxy amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Galaxy is one of the most popular amp blogger tamplate that is a tremendous and recent distinctive style with its quality quick wares time interval on all Cybersurfers and compatible backmost and aged performances of cybersurfers. this blogger tamplate is that the trendy appropriate magazine news order. within a district, there is a comment contrivance on the market to point out Recent comment fluently on the sidebar with the assistance of their shortcode.

not solely you’ll be able to additionally use a well-liked post within the place of a featured post if you wish to use a custom marker that options post is additionally operating all the home-brewed on the market within the attestation. This amp blogger tamplate on the market in dark mode interpretation, clean ice mass impact, and shadow merchandise that look skilled. transfer currently this model and North American natione it on your web log For any farther reasonably facilitate and customization please communicate us.

Features– Magazine vogue, common Posts with LinkList Widgets that works like Featured Posts with quick wares Speed. The model is briskly loading full responsive style and cybersurfer concord.

#9 cooking amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Cooking blogger template is the best template for blogger platform with SEO friendly and AdSense friendly. The template is perfect for creating websites with different own gadgets and featured articles where user can put their own labels with related list gadgets to display custom links to do all of that you can manage everything in setting blogger’s layout option. This blogger template layout is very customizable and understandable with its simplicity. Responsive cooking recipe amp blogger template and fast loading on all browsers for bearable.

features: cooking style, popular articles with LinkList Gadgets that works as featured articles with fast loading speed. The template is faster to load with a fully responsive design and browser compatibility.

#10 LiteSpeed amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Lightspeed could be a next-generation amp blogger templet with its wonderful options and quality that the author offer during this template, you have got no have to be compelled to complete redaction and twiddling with writing everything is a straightforward drag and drop. They have a tendency to created for their customers. The templates load in no time in less interval which supplies an excellent intention to your audience to attach along with your blogger website. The theme designer panel of this blogger template is amazing to regulate all colours and different shortcodes. This template supports multiple languages together with its Capability of handling different blogs. this blogger template is that the best work for associate education web site news website movies website for a private blog-like portfolio.

#11 NewsBlogger anp Tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

News Blogger, This is a incredible template with bendy design, reaction time loading on browser, tons quicker than as you think. Because they’ve used diverse high-degree Optimisation. Also they offer a photograph wherein a person can use famous put up with inside the vicinity of the featured put up. Not most effective that you may additionally use jQuery feature. It is your very own choice. This template has diverse superior degree devices and smooth agent colorful appearance on the way to entice your visitor. the format of this template is more desirable with widgets description and name to apprehend the format panel of this Theme without difficulty for a amateur and professional. You can use this template on information website, era devices or another category. it’s far fine well matched together along with your blog.

#12 Education & Job Blogger Template

best free amp blogger tamplate

Jobiki could be a nice template with a clean and chic look specially designed for job seekers and educational portal websites. during this template, there are differing types of blogger widgets designed with easy drag and drop. No hypertext mark-up language writing. As a result of beginners face issues with HTML coding. Author of this theme have intercalary numerous advanced options with the assistance of blogger default link list gadget. you’ll be able to use this template on your job website and educational website with none downside and this template has advanced level SEO tags and full Optimisation. the look is responsive and quick loading on all types of resolutions. writing this model from layout becomes terribly easy. If you’re facing any downside please contact with the author.

#13 Portfolio Blogger Template

best free amp blogger tamplate

Missile is another nice amp blogger tamplate with an incredible slider and options animation on scroll impact With quick loading speed And optimization has been done to boost User experience. This template is intended and made in next-level artistic movement. There’s no HTML writing, everything is drag and drop with the assistance of linklist. you’ll be able to simply template on your web log and create it skilled with the help of this missile professional amp blogger template. it’s automatic animations that work once user visit to it element, within the end. They have used light-weight plugins which helps to load faster. This template comes with pre-installed shortcodes and far easier to handle and management the admin dashboard.

#14 News & Health Blogger Template

best free amp blogger tamplate

It’s a great template for people who want to post health news and blog category. This one is complete with amazing features like dark mode and linked list with custom info update gadget. It is not necessary to modify the HTML. Everything is easy with the default blogger widget. Download this template and make your website look professional using this amp blogger tamplate. This template has a growing homepage with SEO friendly fast loading. The design is responsive and very flexible, even on mobile and desktop devices. The design is done in a clean look with amazing features like new trends, post gadget with default blogger. This design is fully customizable from the layout in the admin panel. You can also try this tamplate.

#15  Booster Mag blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Booster Mag is one of the best amp blogger tamplate. This template contains topical gadgets with smart posting gadgets like left to right column gadget. This template is fully AdSense compatible and SEO friendly and various other features are available. The loading speed is much faster than the slow loading effect in the sidebar and pictures are also available. This tamplate is also well compatible with all types of browsers. Download now and use it on your blog and turn your blog into a professional website.

#16 SEO Funnel blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

SEO Funnel is a complete amp template for Adsense with the LinkList shortcode gadget. This model has a clean and elegant look with night mode. All the latest features have been implemented in this tamplate with more compatible shortcodes. These shortcodes are useful in posting, where users can just use simple shortcode to show a specific button that connects another alert box and lots of other features.This template is responsive and rapid loading Google AdSense friendly and absolutely search engine optimization compatible. This template offers you the gain of without difficulty rating in search engine.

This tamplate has multiple featured posts, More Admin Pannel machine at the homepage with a smooth and stylish look. The template is quicker loading, responsive layout and all browser compitable.

#17 Pixy Newspaper blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

The Pixy Newspaper 10 template is specially designed to complement and satisfy the needs of blogger users. There are different types of advanced features available only in this tamplate. There are different types of advanced gadgets available in Blogger to make your website look clean and stylish. The best sliders are available in smooth scrolling with lazy loading images that optimize temperate loading speed. This template is faster than SEO optimized full load with user-friendly.

Responsive design is the vital part nowadays, it will automatically adapt to any screen size, such as desktop to tablet or tablet to mobile phone, which will provide your visitors a great experience. This is a great option to change website color through color picker to select the color you like or according to your brand. This tamplate is fully Compatible with any browsers, such as: Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

#18 job Alert & Education blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Job Alert is one of the best blogger templates in the education category. It has advanced features with a box-type post that looks amazing and professional. You can download this template today and use it on your blog. Start your blog with this advanced amp blogger template. This template is clean and simple looking, fast loading with no encrypted scripts. This blogger template is well optimized for faster loading and works for all browser types too. All the shortcodes available in this pre -installed template that you can use in your post and pages as per your requirement. Download and use it on your blog now and turn your blog into a professional website.

#19 micro niche blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Piki Salon is one of the best amp blogger tamplate where it meets user demands to meet their needs. Various advanced features are available, such as a simple link list that allows you to add images and some title labels without using HTML. tested features on several blocks to make a faster design compatible with AdSense, compatible with SEO, and fully responsive on low-resolution devices such as mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Download this template now and turn your blog into a pro using this template today. Contact the support team. They are always here to help you. This template is the full width of the homepage without a sidebar that looks nice and professional. The loading speed of this template is impressive. The template is optimized to load faster on your blog.

#20 Health & Fitness Blogger Template

best free amp blogger tamplate

Max Gym template is mainly designed for fitness and health blogs. Not simplest this, you could use this template to your personal purpose. Everything relies upon at the png photos which you use for your internet site due to the fact layout is crafted in that way that’s supportable for each class blogs. This template has the biggest slider with quicker loading and responsive each in mobile, tablets and desktop. There aren’t any extra necessities to do HTML coding at the same time as putting in this template.

Their essential consciousness to apply and deployation templates with none HTML coding. You will discover easy drag and drop like linklist this is worldwide default devices or user-pleasant environment. Download now this template and apply it to your weblog and make your internet site extra professional.

#21 jokes collection amp blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Piki Jokes is one of the best amp blogger template for bloggers with auto copy and share features that allow users to share their text. Homepage where users can type their category using the LinkList gadget can be easily implemented in the layout. faster loading and different kinds of functions are available. All the shortcodes available in this pre-installed template that you can use in your post and pages according to your needs, download them now and use them on your blog and turn them into a professional website.

#22 Blighter blogger tamplate

best free amp blogger tamplate

Blighter is also one of the best amp blogger template for blogger. Advanced Pro degree devices were carried out speedy loading and responsive. Feature put up designs in easy appearance remark counting proven at the latest put up with writer name. Perfect for a running a blog class down load now and apply it to your weblog. There is a social plugin machine to be had on the house web page inside the writer machine segment to reveal your creativity.

This subject is properly designed and like minded with all sort of browsers All the shortcodes to be had on this template pre-set up via way of means of which you may use in your put up and pages each as according to your requirement down load now and use in your weblog and develop into a expert website.

Last word about this article:

I hope guys, you will find best one from this tamplate list. All these amp blogger tamplate are updated and most used by the blogger. If you need more tamplate like these, then you can comment here. Many thanks to everyone for reading this article. Everyone stay well, stay healthy and stay safe. See you in another article.

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