Don’t let Bedbugs to bite you! Clean carpet under beds.

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The process of cleaning a carpet under beds and get rid from bedbugs is usually very complicated and involves different metrics. Which require proper planning and use. Cleaning the carpet under a bed in particular can be one of the most complicated tasks for many.

Generally, anyone can clean the carpet any day by allocating any room in his home. But in the absence of the necessary materials to clean the carpet, this is not possible by many.

We all know that cleaning the carpet under the bed is very troublesome. Getting there with a variety of carpet cleaning materials and cleaning properly is a very tedious task. However, it is very important to clean it every 4–5 months so that too much dirt and debris does not accumulate under the bed. So if you are worried about cleaning or shampooing carpet under your bed, you can follow these tips given below. This will allow you to easily clean the carpet under your bed.

Why you Should Clean your Carpet under the Beds?

Carpet cleaning under beds

In general, the area under the bed is often left out during regular house cleaning. You may be surprised to konw that most people do not clean the carpet under their bed carelessly. Due to not cleaning for a long time, a lot of dust and sand accumulate here, and various infectious diseases arise. This is why the carpet under the bed needs to be cleaned at least once a month.

Cleaning the carpet under the bed at least once a month will protect the members of the house from various kinds of dirt and disease-carrying germs.

Ways to cleaning carpet under beds

Way-1: ❝Use duct tape and a broom handle❞  The first and most effective way to clean the carpet under the bed is to use a broom handle. When sweeping the carpet under the bed, a broom handle can give the same or better results than a brush-end.

The trick is to create a sticky, dusty material from the broom handle and duct tape. Take the duct tape in hand and make a roll by wrapping it around the handle of the broom. So that it can be rotated around and brought back very easily. Pick up dirt and stone from under the bed with the roller you just made. You will get dramatic results but it is necessary to use glossy tape and an extended broom to cover all the elements under the bed.

Way-2 ❝Use a duster with a long handle❞  One of the most creative and effective ways to clean carpet under your bed is to use a standard duster. Although, cleaning the carpet under the bed is a daunting task, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that. You can use readily available materials like the long handled duster and still get high-quality results.

Before starting work, find a long-handled duster that has a much larger handle and which can easily reach from one end of the bed to the other. Advanced brand dusters contain microfiber, which can reach and clean up every stain and dirt particle on the carpet. Now start cleaning carefully and pick-up all the dust from the carpet.

Way-3: ❝Use a blow dryer or fan❞ Fans or blow dryers have been used for centuries to remove dust and sand from anything. However, most people unknowingly ignore this little but powerful way that can help make the cleansing process faster and more effective. So, you can use it to blow away the dust under the bed.

Set the blow dryer or fan under the bed as per your convenience so that it can create air flow and create pressure at its maximum possible speed. All kinds of garbage and loose dust will be removed by the fan air. However, keep in mind that this will only remove dust and sand from under the bed. So you will need a vacuum cleaner, a duster, and a broom to clean the rest.

Way-4: ❝Vacuum the carpet areas under your bed❞ Almost every vacuum machine can be used to clean the carpet under the bed. However, cleaning the carpet under the bed with a vacuum machine with the proper features and functions can give excellent results.

Consider getting a vacuum cleaner with a mechanized brush. They have the power and capacity to clean everything under your bed. Some smart vacuums have extension cords. designed for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Use your vacuum’s mattress nozzle to hand-clean the sides, bottom, and top of your mattress.

If you’re not sure which attachment to use, just lay the vacuum flat out and throw it under your bed. It works like a charm.

Way-5: ❝Using a robot vacuum cleaner❞ We all know that it is not easy to vacuum large rooms and places that are not easy to reach. Even with all the necessary equipment, vacuuming is a big challenge. This is why most people look for more sweat-free and user-friendly alternatives.

In this case, robotic vacuum cleaners are the ultimate solution for cleaning large types of carpets. These machines are very good at cleaning the carpet under the bed and can easily clean it without any hassle.

There are several robotic vacuum brands in the current market that are selling very well. Of these, Roomba and iRobot are the most popular. These two bands are fierce rivals in terms of their own performance and reliability.

What is BedBugs?


Bedbugs are usually small, oval, and brown insects that survive by drinking the blood of animals or humans. The size of an adult bedbug beetle is flattened like an apple seed. After eating blood, their body swells and turns red.

Bedbugs can’t fly, but they can move quickly from one place to another through floors, walls or ceilings. The female insect can lay hundreds of eggs. Each of which is about the size of a needle hole.

An immature bedbug is called a nymph. They shed their skin a total of five times before maturing and need to eat blood before each drop. In favorable weather the bugs can fully develop in less than a month and produce offspring about three times per year. Although bedbugs are a nuisance, they do not appear to be contagious.

Where BedBugs Hide?

Unbeknownst to you, bedbugs can enter your home with luggage, clothes, used bedding, couches or dirty clothes. Because their bodies are flat and small, they can hide anywhere. They do not have a nest like ants or bees, but they live in groups in hiding.

They are usually hidden in mattresses, boxes, springs, bed frames and headboards. From where they can easily reach the people to eat blood at night.

In a very short time they can spread in the bedroom and in an instant can go to any crack or safe place.

When Bedbugs Bite?

Bedbugs usually bite people while they are asleep. They pierce the skin of the body with their long beaks and suck blood. The bugs continue to suck blood until their stomachs are full and then they go back.

Most bedbugs don’t hurt at first. But then the itching started. It is not like a fly bite. A fly bite is mainly around the ankle. But bedbugs bite any part of the exposed skin of the body. Also, bedbug bites do not have a red spot in the center of the bite like a fly bite.

People who do not realize that they have bedbug infestations may blame itching and shaking as other causes. Maybe they blame the mosquitoes for it. So to ensure bedbug bites, you must find and identify the insects.

Signs of Infestation:

Bedbug's bite

If you wake up and see an itchy area on your body, you can be sure that you have been bitten by a bedbug. If you look at the signs, you will understand that there is a bedbug in your house:

  • If you see blood stains on the bed sheet or pillow.
  • If you see dark or rusty stains on bed sheets, mattresses, bed linen or walls.
  • If you feel an offensive, foul odor from the bug’s olfactory glands.

How To Get BedBugs Out Of carpet?

Be sure to read this article when thinking about how to get rid of bedbugs from the carpet. This tutorial will avoid moving problems from one part of the house to another. It is important to understand where they come from as well as how to get rid of them. This will help complete the transfer process by preventing them from re-entering or leaving the home.

If you suspect bedbugs, do not sweep the floor. Mopping a floor suspected of having bedbugs only spreads the problem. This is because eggs, larvae, and larvae can migrate to other areas. If you are moving from a house or apartment, don’t just roll up the carpet without cleaning it.

To get rid of bedbugs, you must first find the bedbug nests and clean them. It should include the following:

Step-1: Wash beds, linen, curtains and clothing in boiling hot water and dry with maximum heat. Hold shoes and other non-washable items upright for 30 minutes to allow insects to come out.

Step-2: Use a stiff brush to scrub the bedbugs and their eggs before vacuuming.

Step-3: Vacuum your bed and surroundings frequently. After vacuuming, quickly place the vacuum cleaner inside a plastic bag and throw it in the trash outside.

Step-4: Cover your mattress and box springs with a tightly made zipper cover. So that the bedbugs cannot enter or escape. Bedbugs usually survive up to a year without eating. So cover the mattress for at least a year to make sure all the bedbugs are dead.

Step-5: Repair cracks in the plaster and apply adhesive to the peeled wallpaper to remove areas where bedbugs may be hiding.

If you follow those steps, you will be able to get rid from bed bugs.

Does steaming carpet kill bedbugs?

Steaming carpet to kill bedbugs

Yes! Steaming carpets can kill any type of bedbugs. I’m sure you’ve been relieved to hear that. Steam cleaning carpets provide lethal temperatures that can destroy bedbugs effortlessly. It penetrates 3/4 inch deep through the carpet and helps to keep away any kind of insects. Although steam cleaning carpets can easily destroy bedbugs, eggs are not wasted.

Since steam cleaning carpets can’t destroy eggs, bed bugs can start attacking your carpet again. Eggs and any baby bed bugs can be destroyed by using the steam cleaning method.In this way, the risk of future infections can be reduced.

You can kill bedbugs with steam cleaning method. But there are some things to keep in mind. The temperature of the steam cleaner must be higher. And for that, use a good steam cleaner.

How does steam cleaning kill bedbugs?

Killing bedbugs with steam cleaners does not mean that steam cleaners are a super power. But the task of killing insects is basically done with a lot of temperature.

A large amount of heat is passed through a steam cleaning machine centered on a specific place. As a result, the bedbugs there die instantly.

There are a number of other ways to get rid of bedbugs, including washing infected bedding and clothes, which can easily kill bedbugs. A carpet, on the other hand, cannot be placed on the machine.That’s where the steam cleaners come to the rescue.

The last word:

In this whole article, I tried to share some tips that will help you to clean your carpet unde bed and I also discussed about the bedbugs and its effect.

Now you know that, why you should clean you carpet under bed! And you also gained a lot of knowledge about it.

Hope this tutorial will help you a lot. If you have any problem, let us know in comment box. We will back soon with a new tutorial.

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