Make money taking pictures with your phone ($50 per day)

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If you are a Photographer, then you can make money taking pictures with your phone . We know that there are many ways to make money. Anyone can easily make money online at any time. One of the best ways to make money taking pictures with your phone and sell them in a trusted stock photo platform.

As a photographer, you can easily make a passive income by selling picture (or even start a new career of your own) but for that you must find the right and trustworthy websites to sell your photos. The demand of the photographer has been growing gradually. Because, many people from big corporations, small and medium sized businesses to bloggers and graphic designers regularly buy and use pictures from online.

In this whole tutorial, I will share the most trusted and popular website that will help you to bulid your career and you will also be able to make money taking pictures with your phone.

Make money taking pictures with your phone

Make money taking pictures with your phone

We are going to learn from today’s article about some of the trusted websites to earn money by selling pictures online. Where you can easily earn money by selling your own photography. There are various kind of websites on the internet where you can easily make money by selling picture. However, most websites are fake. This means that they will make you work for more income but they will not pay you later.

So if you want to make money taking pictures with your phone, then you must join a website that will give you the opportunity to sell your pictures and they will be trusted. You can easily make money by selling pictures by working in such companies or websites.

Dear friends, you have to spend 2 to 4 hours daily to make money by selling pictures and ofcourse, people should need the pictures which you are giving. Because, if no one buy your picture then your income will not come. So let’s take a look at some of the most trusted and popular websites in order to make money taking pictures with your phone.

Best place to sell your photos!

Make your own website:

The easiest and most effective way to sell photos online is to create your own website and sell photos there. The reason for this is:

  1. you can set the price of your photo yourself.
  2. You do not have to pay a commission to anyone after selling the photo.
  3. You can display your own photos on your website as you wish.
  4. You can set your own terms and conditions.

The summary is that โeverything will be under your controlโž

Don’t you have a website yet? Don’t worray! You can create your first image selling website in a minute. Nowadays, almost 80% of webiste are made in wordpress. You just need a domain and hosting. The good news is that, you will get 10GB SSD hosting for just $1 monthly. Check the simple guide on choosing the trusted hosting and domain company.

After you created your website, you need to showcase your website gallery with different types of attractive photos. Then, gradually your website will rank in google and you will get buyer.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia) is a popular photo selling marketplace created by the makers of the popular photo editing software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. This platform has been online for over 12 years and is the world’s first online marketplace for selling photos.

The thing that will attract you to use Adobe Stock is their royalty share. Which is a lot more than other image markateplace. Photos uploaded to this website are added to Adobe Stock Library. Because of this feature, they show-up in other Adobe applications as well, and the images reach millions of Adobe users as well as photo buyers.

You can earn 20% – 60% by selling photos from anywhere with Adobe Stock. Unlike other marketplaces, Adobe Stock does not force the image owner to give copyright sign on the images. Because of this, you can sell the same picture on different platforms at the same time.

So you can start selling your picture in Adobe stock.

This is also very popular website where you can make money taking pictures with your phone. This website has been online for many years, not today. This website has pictures of different categories. Even this website gets daily 50000+ visitors. A lot of people visit this website just to buy pictures. Moreover on this website, You have the opportunity to make money by selling your picture directly. Before making money on this website, you need to create an account. To create an account, you will need some personal information like email address, phone number, name or bank account. You can easily join in this website with these information.

Then you need to upload some pictures on this website. Your pictures will be reviewed by the supporters and you will be notified by email within a few days.

From then, you can easily publish pictures there by creating a contributor account. After uploading the pictures, anyone can buy your pictures if they want. The more people who buy your pictures, the more you will get commission from this website. Up to 30% commission will be added to your account by calculating the maximum photo value. Even this website is now very popular and trusted. So if you want to join this website, you can easily make money by selling picture.

This is another popular website to make money by selling picture. From this website you can make up to $500 per month and even withdraw money every month. This website is open to everyone. Anyone can make money by selling their pictures on this website.

If you want to make money taking pictures with your phone on this website, you have to register first. But remember, the information you will give here, must be real. Because in case of any need, they will try to contact with you with this information.

So you must register with real information. You can easily start earning money by activating the contributor account on this website. If a buyer purchases the images you provide, a maximum of 40% commission will be added to your account from this website.

This website has a lot of active members. Many people earn around Rs 1,000 per day from this website. You can withdraw money through any medium. They support almost all types of payment systems. Therefore, if you want, you can easily make money by selling picture by joining this website.

This is the most popular website in the world. It still has over 500 million images and is constantly getting a lot of visitors. This website has been online for about 5 to 7 years and it is very popular at the beginning and at the present time. In this website, you will get the the opportunity to make money in many ways not just by selling pictures. You can even make money by making videos from this site. It can be said that this website has a lot more ways to make money than other websites.

As a photographer, you can make a lot of money from this marketplace. According to their annual report, Shutterstock sellers have made over $500 million so far. Shutterstock allows you to protect your photos with copyright. Shutterstock Company gives photos credit to it’s owner, which is a major plus point. And it will protect your ownership and expand your marketing brand.

A maximum of $500 can be earned with just one picture on this website. If someone buys a picture of you, you will get a commission of up to 30 percent. So those who want to make money by selling picture online, they can definitely work by joining this platform or website.

Like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock doesn’t compel you to utilize their commercial center solely. You may even think about selling on Adobe Stock and Shutterstock simultaneously! I hope you can easily make money taking pictures with your phone through this website.

gettiimage is one of the best websites in the online world. This website also has a lot of pictures or images. Almost all types of images needed by people online are available in abundance on this website. Even this website will give you the opportunity to make money taking pictures with your phone directly. Anyone can join this website and make money by selling picture. To join this site, you will need some information according to your NID card. You can easily connect with this website with this information.

You need to publish the attractive images in your account. If someone buys these pictures or images from you, you will get minimum 10 percent commission from this website. Moreover, there is an opportunity to withdraw money through bank account from any country on this website.

Finally, we will discuss about this website. You can also make money taking pictures with your phone directly from this website. First you need to create a contributor account and publish various interesting pictures there.

After your photos are uploaded, the website admins will review the photos. You will get the results within a few days after reviewed. If your images are approved, they will be shown in list. And anyone can buy your picture from this list if they want. If a customer buys a picture from this list, you will get a maximum commission of up to 40% from this website. And you can withdraw money when it was $100 complete.

There are opportunities to withdraw money in different currencies from this website. Even this website is a very popular platform at the present time. If you want, you can definitely make money by selling picture by joining this website.

๐Ÿ—จ๏ธMy personal opinion!

After I completed writing my article on โmake money taking pictures with your phoneโž, I want to share my personal opinion about which website is more trusted for you. Before I created my blog, I tried to work on those website to make a passive income by selling my picture. Though I am not a photographer, but tried to income something. After then, I joined too many platform to sell my picture (though, no one bought my picture๐Ÿ˜), but I found too many terms and conditions which is better not to say!

But, in the midst of all this, I’ve got shutterstock and Adobe stock more trusted. Who will give you ownership over your photo. They allow to sell the same picture on different websites. Moreover, you will get 30%-40% commission from here and you will be able to withdraw money every month.

I tell you before, it is my personal opinion. You may like othe platform. It doesn’t matter.


Who buys stock photos?

The biggest buyers of stock photos are bloggers and the owners of small to medium sized ecommerce business websites.

What Type of Photos Sell the Best?

  • People – Children, adults and the elderly people of different lifestyles in different countries can be clicked in your camera.
  • Working person – This type of picture is very popular for business. Someone is working on a laptop, writing or talking in a meeting. You can take such pictures. But remember, don’t take pictures in such a way that they become memes. You have to try to portray the reality in the photos.
  • Food – A variety of delicious food. You can even take pictures of dirty or empty plates.
  • Tools – You can also take pictures of various equipments including gears, hammers, nuts, bolts and screws that will use to attract different buyers.
  • City – Cityscape, buildings, and people’s journey.
  • Nature – This is a no brainer idea, which will never get old for shooting or selling.
  • Travel – You can also do photoshoots at various interesting and attractive places.

Pro-Tip: You can go to different image selling marketplaces to know more about different types of photography. There you will find many more categories.

The last word about the article

In our today’s article we have discussed some of the popular and trusted websites to make money taking pictures with phone. If you want, you can join these websites and make money by selling your creative and attractive picture. If you have any questions about this article, please let us know in the comments. Many thanks to everyone for reading this article. Everyone stay well, stay healthy and stay safe. See you in another article. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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