Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off (Try This step to Fix it)

While it might be a little disconcerting to see your Roomba charging dock light goes off just as quickly, don’t worry about it! There are some reasons why this happens and fortunately, none of them indicate something seriously wrong with your robot vacuum cleaner. If you want to figure out what the issue is, then keep reading!

Why Roomba charging dock light goes off?

It is not uncommon for iRobot Roombas to have their charging dock light goes off while charging. It goes/turns off after a little while. The roomba charging dock light goes off to indicate that it’s docked and charging correctly. It will not stay on! So you don’t need to worry about it. You may check Roomba’s charging status via the I-robot app if you think something is unusual. Generally, it indicates that your roomba is charging correctly.

The charging indicator on the Roomba will turn on as soon as it is docked on the Home Base. However, to save energy, it will turn off after a minute or so. You don’t need to worry about the question ❝why is my Roomba charging dock light goes off?❞

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Why green light on roomba charger goes off?

The green light on the Roomba charger goes off to indicate that you have charged your device up to its maximum capacity. It will not take any more energy from a wall outlet to reach a 100% charge. This green light simply indicates that your roomba is ready to be used and there is no need for you to connect it to a wall Charger or USB cable at that time.

Why roomba home base light blinking?

When Roomba is on the Home Base, the power and docked lights are green to indicate Roomba is charging. When the Home Base is plugged in, the power light blinks to indicate that it is connected to the power source.

If you have plugged your Home Base into an outlet that provides constant power (such as a wall outlet), Roomba will not use it until after it has run its full cleaning cycle, then returned to its home base to charge completely before returning to its dock.

How to tell if roomba is charging?

If you’re wondering whether your Roomba is charging, there are several steps you can take to ensure that it’s indeed plugged in. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to ascertain whether or not your robotic cleaning companion is properly plugged. These tips also apply to other brands of robotic vacuums like Neato and Dyson.

  • In order to determine if your Roomba is charging, you will want to listen for a steady beep that is sounding. The battery light on a robot vacuum may flash during charging, but it won’t beep continuously.
  • There are another methods for determining whether or not the battery is being charged. One option is to push the unit’s CLEAN button once. If the power indicator on the robot vacuum is green, that means it is completely charged. The unit is still charging if it is pulsing amber.
  • If the battery indicator is red, it indicates the unit’s battery has been reduced and must be recharged.
  • There’s also the iRobot app, which is a more updated and efficient way to see if the machine is charging. Newer Roomba models, like the 900 series, include this app.
    In the upper right corner, look for the battery icon. This shows the battery’s current condition. The word “charging” will appear on the CLEAN screen to notify you that the battery is being charged.

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But what about the Roomba model that uses a Home Base to charge?

Here’s something to keep in mind: it’s common for Roombas that charge via Home Base to have their light indicator turned off. The same may be said for Home Base. Because both the Roomba and the Home Base must preserve energy while charging, this is the case. The power indicator on the home base will only turn on for about 4 seconds after the robot has docked. After that, the power indicator will turn off.

Last word about This article

When it comes to removing pet hair, dust, debris, and other dirt from hardwood floors and carpets, the Roomba is one of the best. However, determining whether the robot is charging or not can be difficult at times. The Roomba charger light indicators should blink green to signify that the robot is charging, as you learnt after reading this article. If you’re going to charge it with the Home Base, make sure the battery indicator is green by pressing the CLEAN button on the unit.

Also, if your Roomba comes with an app, you may use it to check if it’s charging. Hope you understand why your Roomba charging dock light goes off! Share it if you like!

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  1. My docking station blinks green when you put the cleaner on the docking station it goes to a solid green. If I measure the terminal voltage at the docking station contacts with nothing on the contacts , all I’m showing is 2.83v
    DC. Yet the the docking station label says 21v DC. Does this mean its faulty or when you place unit bsck on the dock does it sense you have docked it and ramp up the voltage to the correct charging rate. ?????

  2. My robo white light comes on and off while charging. The green light on the home dock off.
    I haven’t notice this before.

    • If you think your roomba is charging well, then there is no need to do anything. But if it is not charging or if there is a problem with charging, then you can try a reset first. If it still doesn’t work, change the battery. you can also read this guide if your roomba not charging


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