Roomba not charging? Ultimate guide for charging issue

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There are a lot of questions concerning why my Roomba not charging? In this article, I’ll explain how to resolve this problem easily. Keep reading….

A Roomba must be charged in order to function properly, especially in larger rooms. They can clean a room on a single charge before needing to be recharged, but what if you can’t charge it in the first place?

Clean the charging connections on both the charging station and the Roomba itself if your Roomba isn’t charging or isn’t charging completely. Given that we’re talking about a vacuum, these are prone to becoming filthy.

We’ll go over many charging-related issues that a Roomba can encounter and how to troubleshoot them. If you want additional information on each solution, keep reading.

What should you do if your Roomba refuses to charge?

Roomba not charging

The following solution is only applicable to the Roomba 500, 600, 700, and 800 models.

If you only recently purchased a new robot that has yet to be activated, the problem could have occurred during shipment. You must first determine whether or not the battery has shifted; if so, just remove the battery and replace it in the same location.

As previously stated, the Home Base is required for charging; plug in and verify the light on that device until it begins flashing once every 4 seconds or shines solidly for 4 seconds and then goes out.

What if the light does not turn on?

Then, try charging your Roomba in a different outlet while also testing the charger or Home Base line rope to see if it is damaged. If the existing Home Base still does not turn on, consider replacing it with another one.

The Home Base light is on, but your robot is still not charging?

Check the cleaner device as soon as possible. Make sure there’s no trash or dust inside, since this could cause a thick layer of dust to form on both the Home Base and the Roomba’s charging contacts.

    • If you find it, use a soft dry cloth to wipe it from the charging connections. I recommend using a melamine foam sponge to lightly clean it.
    • Remove Roomba from the Home Base if no results are found. After that, turn it over and remove the caster wheel. Check the caster wheel for debris, as if it is clogged with dirt, the robot will be unable to reach the charging ports. Perform maintenance as soon as debris is noticed!

Try rebooting the robot if the problem persists. Press CLEAN and hold SPOT and DOCK for 10 seconds on the Roomba 500 and 600 series. Press and hold CLEAN for nearly 15 seconds until the display says “rSt” on Roomba 700 & 800 Series.

Roomba Not Charging! How to Fix It?

Why your roomba not charging?

The first thing you should do if your Roomba not charging is to factory reset it. It’s nothing more than a software problem when an electronic’s charging logic becomes difficult. Before moving on to the next step, a hard reset is a smart way to start troubleshooting.

Different models will have different ways to do this, and Wi-Fi equipped models will be able to do it directly from the app. If you wish to do this on the Roomba directly, here are the instructions from iRobot’s support page for the various models:

  • s/i Series: Hold down the Home+Spot Clean+CLEAN buttons until the light around the CLEAN button begins to blink.
  • On the Roombas e Series: For 20 seconds, press the HOME+Spot Clean+CLEAN buttons together.
  • On the 900 Series Roomba: hold down+Dock+Spot Clean+CLEAN buttons until all of the LEDs light up.
  • Press the Dock+Spot Clean+CLEAN buttons on the Wi-Fi Connected 600 & 800 Series Robots until you hear a beep.
  • On Roomba Combo: Open the lid and look for the Reset button. It will be close to the power switch. For at least 10 seconds, hold down the Reset button.

Ensure that the charging connectors are clean.

Then, during a cleaning session, Roombas collect a lot of dust, hair, and debris, especially if the ground hasn’t been vacuumed in a while. Because Roombas are low to the ground, debris collects on them as they pick up items.

Roombas have a charging connector on the bottom of their base for charging, and if it gets dusty, power will not pass through. You should also remember that the charging pad will become dirty with time, and both should be cleaned on a regular basis for best charging results.

Many new Roomba owners are surprised to learn this. It’s easy to believe they’re completely hands-free machines. Even still, frequent maintenance is required, just as it is for a regular vacuum, if not more so because to the greater complexity of these machines.

A lightly moistened melamine foam can be used to clean both charging contacts. Charge it once more when you think it’s clean enough. If the problem persists, it could be due to a damaged battery charger, charging circuit, or a bad battery. It’s uncommon that it’s a hardware issue, but it could happen, and you’ll need to contact iRobot about getting the equipment repaired.

Roomba Isn’t Charging Completely! How to fix?

It’s possible that your Roomba’s charging connectors need to be cleaned if it’s only charging partially. Clean the charging connectors on the Roomba and the Home base with a lightly moistened melamine foam. A Roomba that is only partially charging shows that the connectors aren’t completely jammed, but it is having trouble maintaining a continuous flow of electricity.

Consider the age of your Roomba as well. The first Roomba was released in 2002, so we’re talking about a long period of time where a Roomba could be 3 months old or 10 years old. If you have an older Roomba, the battery may not be able to gain a charge as well as it previously did.

This is due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries are only designed for between 300 and 500 charge cycles. As a gadget becomes older, it will gradually outperform this rating and battery life will begin to decline. Unless the device is quite old and heavily used, this isn’t immediately apparent.

If the appropriate battery is available to buy, you can most likely change the battery in your older Roomba. However, some of the newest versions with Wi-Fi connectivity are worth looking into. The Roomba 675 is a terrific budget-friendly option.

In this instance, it is charging fully, but only to the capacity of the battery.

Why does my Roomba’s charge last so little?

If your Roomba’s battery charge is suddenly draining quickly, it’s most likely because the battery drainage logic has been thrown off. To resolve the issue, you can do a factory reset on your Roomba. From iRobot’s support page, here are a few guidelines for the different models. If you want to stay on this page, you can go to the first section of this article.

Because the current models aren’t old enough for the battery to have degraded to the point where you notice less battery capacity, resetting will usually solve the problem. If your battery fails, iRobot has fortunately made it very easy to replace it.

Or you can watch this video👇

What is the average lifespan of a Roomba battery?

You should purchase an appropriate battery for your Roomba robot if you want to increase its lifespan.

Based on my personal experience, I suggest the iRobot Roomba replacement battery since it performs above and beyond my expectations. I bought this product a few months ago, and guess what? It lasted almost two hours the first time I used it.

However, after the dust cleared, it now lasts somewhat more than an hour, which is the same as the lifetime of my original battery. Make sure the air filter is also clean.

If you operate your Roomba properly, the battery can survive for hundreds of cleaning sessions. Make sure to remove the battery pull tab before charging your robot. I recommend that you charge it overnight soon after purchasing the Roomba. The charging time is usually at least 2 hours.

Why your Roomba i7 not charging?

Why your roomba i7 not charging?

There are four reasons why your Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner won’t charge, and we’ll show you how to fix it in only five minutes. You could be suffering from one of the following problems.

★ Contacts on either charging base station are dirty.

Dirt on the contacts causes a high resistance joint and the Roomba will fail to charge. An easy trick for cleaning the contacts is to use a magic eraser. Even if you can’t see any dirt, just give the contacts a good cleaning once a month.

★ Dirt under the front wheel.

If there is dirt or hair under the front tire, the Roomba will sit higher on the charging station. The charging connections will not touch if there is a lot of build up. All you have to do now is remove the front wheel and clean up the debris.

★ The Roomba’s lithium ion battery has failed.

If used every day, lithium-ion batteries are expected to last two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles. If your cleaning cycle is less frequent, such as every other day, the battery should last roughly 4-6 years before it needs to be replaced. Due to the battery capacity only being able to hold a 70 percent charge or less, the battery run time tends to be reduced. The Roomba may be unable to return to the base charging station as the battery begins to fail.

★ Battery Runtime of the Roomba i7

The Roomba i7 should give you about 75 minutes of runtime per charge. To get the best performance, replace the battery when it reaches 70% capacity. This capacity decline is typical of Lithium-ion batteries, and it will take several years for it to disintegrate. They don’t last indefinitely, much like your phone batteries.

How to charge roomba without home base?

How to charge roomba without home base?

Many people may have lost or are unable to charge their Roomba using home base charger. So now they are looking on Google for a way to charge the Roomba without home base. But unfortunately there are no way to charge roomba without home base. But, If your roomba has a charging jack on the side, you can charge it using an iRobot charging power supply without home base.

How do i know if my Roomba is charging?

A battery icon should appear on the iRobot vacuum when it returns to the home base station. The charge light on the base station will also illuminate, but due to a power-saving feature, it may turn off.

Roomba charging error 3

When the FET test fails at the start of the charge cycle, this charging error 3 occur.

It’s possible that the battery contacts don’t have good connection with the battery. Try charging again by bending the big connections. Grab the charging records if you have a SCI cable.

On the other hand, Charging Error 3 indicates that the Roomba I Series charging system is faulty, and your robot may need to be replaced. For support, simply notify iRobot Customer Care. Take the following items with you and go to the service center.

  • The serial number of your robot.
  • Proof of purchase for claiming warranty. (receipt or invoice for purchase from an authorized retailer).

Roomba charging error 7

This happens when the battery does not cool down after four hours. The battery thermistor is most likely shorted.
If your battery powers up your 550, your battery’s thermistor is functional, and your battery is not the issue.

In the battery chamber, slightly bend the little battery connectors up. If this does not resolve the Error 7 issue, it is possible that the component reading the thermistor value on the mainboard is the source of the problem.

Can I change my Roomba’s battery?

There are various Roomba replacement battery options available in the market today. However, not all batteries are good; in fact, some can shorten the life of your robot.

One thing is for sure: if properly cared for, the original battery can last for many cycles before needing to be replaced. Here is a collection of battery management ideas to assist you know how to increase battery life and ensure that your Roomba always performs at its best:

  • Only use iRobot batteries.
  • Use Roomba regularly – because the robot is controlled by a rechargeable battery, it will provide more cleaning sessions if used regularly.
  • Keep Roomba connected in while not in use – if you don’t have a Home Base, you can connect Roomba into the power adapter to keep it charged all the time.
  • Roomba should be charged and stored in a cold, dry area.
  • Always clean the machine to prevent it from becoming stuck with hair or dirt.

Check your Roomba as soon as you notice it working harder than usual. Allow it to rest or the battery will run out faster.

Roomba Not Connecting to Charger!

If your Roomba isn’t charging, it’s most likely because the charging connections on the device’s bottom and the charging point are dirty from kicking up garbage. Simply wipe both connectors with moistened melamine foam and attempt charging again.

The other possibility is that the charging station is defective; this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. You can contact iRobot to report the problem, and if your Roomba and dock are still under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement or have them fixed.

The Charger Light on My Roomba Won’t Stay On!

Roombas, like other electronics, provide feedback to the user when they are charging. If you don’t come back after a specific amount of time, you won’t know.

This is true for the Roomba charging point, but if your charger has the energy-saving feature turned on, the light that displays everything is working will turn off after 4 seconds.

You can observe the battery status by pushing the “CLEAN” button to see if your Roomba is charging correctly. The status should show that the device is receiving power if it is charging properly.

Last word about this Article

Dirty charging connectors, faulty charging logic, or an outdated battery are all possible causes of Roomba battery problems. A Roomba usually malfunctions in this way, but if you think yours isn’t working properly after trying the troubleshooting procedures above, you can have it serviced. If you like this then share it.

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